And you thought your Driving Force GT was pricey. Thrustmaster is today introducing its newest gaming accessory, a startlingly expensive new racing wheel designed to give PlayStation 3 and PC gamers the chance to feel as if they truly are screaming ahead in hopes of being first to fly under the checkered flag.

The Ferrari Wireless GT Cockpit 430 Scuderia Edition is a complete wireless cockpit ensemble, requiring far more space than an NYC studio apartment affords to completely unfold, and given that it weighs 23 pounds, you may need to bust out your Ricky Bobby uniform to make sure you aren’t roughed up when leaning hard into turns. The wheel itself measures 11-inches in diameter, and it’s said to be an exact replica of that found on the Ferrari 430 Scuderia (“down to the smallest details,” we’re told), and the all-metal pedals should provide quite the sensation to those who prefer to roll shoeless. Check it this June if you’re having trouble ridding yourself of disposable income.

(Via Engadget)

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