Let’s be honest, motor shows are mainly for pubescent teenagers and middle-aged men. And what do both these demographics enjoy more than ANYTHING in the world? Ladyfolk!

We’ve covered the Big Cars for you, and now we’re covering the girls. Because of course, we are committed to giving you Stuff You Like. That is all.

“…and although I admire the visual exploration of humanity in Ingmar Bergman’s pieces, I also thoroughly enjoy watching men get hit in the plums, like in Jackass.”

“No, really, you’re the first member of the male species to approach me in a gentlemanly and dignified manner and request an evening out on the – ahem, my face is up HERE…”

“Yes bruv’. ’Sup?”

“Would the lady with the extraordinary back muscles please refrain from bench-pressing small children? Thank you, please.”

“I am not a Number. I am an Artist. I am Movement. I am Motion. I – oh sod it, my ruddy hand is stuck to this roof.”

“…I love blinkin’, I do.”

“Some people think standing here and looking pretty is easy, but it really isn’t. Not at all. You have to remember to breathe. And then look at… wait, come back!”

Roof-glue bandit strikes again.

“What do I do in my spare time? Why, I enjoy nothing more than singing ’head, shoulders knees and toes, knees and toes…”

“Does my bun look big in this?”

“Is that a long lens in your pocket, or are you just a blathering, sweaty little moron?”

“Yay! Hugs! LOL! OMG! ROFL!”

Roof-glue bandit expands his repertoire. Still at large.

Happy Helpers Welcoming Committee limbered up.

[Via TopGear]

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And you thought your Driving Force GT was pricey. Thrustmaster is today introducing its newest gaming accessory, a startlingly expensive new racing wheel designed to give PlayStation 3 and PC gamers the chance to feel as if they truly are screaming ahead in hopes of being first to fly under the checkered flag.

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